The Land of the Dead Game – Is It Really A Worse Game to Play

There is a common myth among gamers that a movie based on a game is never good. We have multiple proofs like Hitman, Max Payne, etc. In Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler’s Green, we found out that the opposite is also true. Loosely based on the Land of the Dead Movie, the game is another bad movie to game conversion. Let’s check out what makes this game bad, from story to graphics and gameplay. 

The Land of the Dead Game - Is It Really A Worse Game to Play

Is Story Any Good? 

Yes, we understand that the game was developed in 2005. But it was the same time when we got epic games like Doom 3 or Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. The game revolves around a countryman Jack. A stranger one day came to his door and when he turned into a zombie, Jack’s adventure started. He moved around from places to places looking for ammo and weapons killing zombies on the way. In short, there is no such story, only mass killings of the undead and roaming around places until you find yourself in the last safeguarded city of humans.  

Here’s another thing that went wrong. In the movie, the zombies were seen evolving into smarter beings who learned to use weapons and proved to be a real challenge. Unfortunately, while I was playing I kind of hoped that the game will prove to be a little bit challenging. But no, from starting to end you will find the same types of zombies who unlike movies or other games, are very slow, do not move in large packs and are even slow to attack the player. In most cases, you will find them just standing at a certain distance, waiting for you to fire a perfect headshot. If you want to play this game on your smartphone you need to download land of the dead apk.

Is the Gameplay Also Worse? 

We already discussed how the AI could have been improved in the previous section. Let’s talk about the action. You will have both melee weapons as well as guns. In case of melee weapons, there are 2 attacks, strong and weak. The weak melee attack, I don’t know why the developers included since it does not do any harm, hence, useless. When you are using the strong attack you will be surprised to see the zombie flying backward unrealistically. My best melee weapon in any zombie game is the ax. Unfortunately, I found the ax movement in this game to be very slow and as I said earlier, unrealistic. 

What makes the gameplay much worse is the guns. There are varieties in gun types but effectiveness is the same in all. The damage model is also broken. Often I found myself wondering how did the zombie’s head explode when I shot it in the chest. To take one down, sometimes 2 shots in the leg will work. Other times, 7 headshots won’t work. 

The Land of the Dead Game - Is It Really A Worse Game to Play

Graphics and Level Design 

This adds insult to the already added injury. Horror games work when suddenly an enemy appears out of nowhere. In this game, literally, the zombies appear out of nothing. They just drop in front of you or appear out of thin air. Graphics is also no good when you compare it to the other games that released during this time. Character design and environmental details needed a lot of work. Especially when you play the multiplayer mode, you will feel like the game time warped you into the 90s, with some very bad textures, pixelated objects, and blurry zombies. The zombies just look like damaged rag dolls and you will only know that they are bleeding zombies since the title has the name “Land of the Dead” and since you know that you are playing a zombie game. 

Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler’s Green is one of the worst zombie games ever developed for PC and Xbox. Seriously, if you want a good zombie game, you can play Walking Dead, Dead Island, Doom, etc. Even if you loved the movie, the game will definitely ruin it for you. 

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