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The Land Of The Dead Game is the prequel to Land of the Dead film, In which players play as the farmer named Jack will fight against the outbreak of zombie pandemic to protect his Land from the group of undead enemies. Jack found that all his neighbor farmers are dead because of the zombie attack. He then rushed into the city and found a place of safe heaven within the city and made that his priority to live.

The most crazy thing about Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler’s Green is that it doesn’t feel like the sort of surged, hack-work bit of work that often originates from motion picture licenses. Considering the genuinely long single-player amusement, the way that there’s a finished multiplayer mode that is Xbox Live-empowered, and that the diversion bolsters things like Dolby Digital sound and a 480p goals, it’s exceptionally evident that a gathering of individuals really put time and exertion into this unadulterated train wreck of an amusement. Furthermore, that is simply discouraging on such a large number of levels. Notwithstanding whatever exertion was sunk into this present waste of time, Land of the Dead is by a wide margin a standout amongst the most terrible gaming encounters to be found on the Xbox. Furthermore, similar to the zombies contained inside, it ought to be shot, consumed, wounded, or otherwise butchered until there’s no conceivable path for it to hurt anybody once more. Truly, don’t play this diversion.