Land of the Dead Game is a website created by avid fans of this First Person Shooter (FPS) game which was released in 2005. It is linked to the movie with the same title which was the fourth installment of a series of horror flicks by the famous writer and director George A. Romero. The movie series became quite popular as it was considered as ahead of its time, when the first Living Dead movie came out in 1990.

A group of loyal fanatics decided to put up this website as a dedication to the movie franchise, and to gather other people who are big fans of the movie and the game adaptation as well. The game, although not entirely based on the original story of the movie, has its own strong following. During its initial release, the game immediately had a strong following.

At the time of its release, this game was gaining ground despite the strong competitive gaming market at the time. People loved the game play and dynamics. They enjoyed the storyline and the different challenges each level of the game presented. Those gamers fell for the game so much so that they decided to come to this website, which is also like a meeting place or even a market place where one can buy merchandise which you can use in-game.

For fans of the gory, slasher-basher and trigger happy crowd raring to take a shot at those horrible zombies, this site offers all of that and more. This is probably the reason we are still online long after the game’s release, because there are still plenty who wish to play this game.